Bunga Bakawali

I had a great chance to record Bunga Bakawali (in Malay) or some might know it as Ric Rac Cactus, Moon Cactus or Queen Of The Night, blooming.For your information, the flower started to bloom around 9pm, and will be fully bloom around 12am to 3am, and each flower will only bloom once, yes, that's it.

It was my mother's potted plant. She felt like it will bloom that night. Amazingly, all four of them. So I really need to record this since I just bought a new camera, GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition, and it really helps a lot. It's easy to use, I just put it on a tripod, went into timelapse mode, and just leave it outside recording.  

:: Recording ::
Camera : GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition
Recording Mode : Timelapse Photo
Interval : 1 photo every 30 second
Resolution : 4000x3000
Shot : 175 photo
Time: 10:47pm - 12:14am

:: Editing ::

1) Software : Adobe Lightroom 5.6
Preset : Self grading

2) Software : Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Playback : 25FPS
Export : H.264 (.mp4)

First photo detail:

Last photo detail:

Here's all four of them: